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Crossing the Border With Your Pet?



From the U.S. & Canada to Mexico

United States

What do you need to know when you travel with your pet?


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  1. Transporting animals on passenger aircraft

2. Animals must be transported in cages or appropriate containers, which must be located in the pressurized, acclimatized baggage compartments. The pilot in command must be informed that live animals are being transported and told which baggage compartment they are located in.

3. If the aircraft does not have pressurized, acclimatized baggage compartments, animals may be transported in a cabin adjacent to the passenger cabin, but separated by a wall, provided the remaining guidelines in this Circular are adhered to.

4. Guide dogs, service animals and pets.

Regardless of the stipulations of this Mandatory Circular, guide dogs, seeing-eye dogs, other service animals and pets may be transported in the passenger cabin if the following requirements are met:

4.1. The guide dog or seeing-eye dog has been trained and the person with the disability has been instructed in the care and handling of the dog. Under these considerations, the dog must remain at the side of its owner during the flight. The disabled person should be seated in the first row, preferably in the window seat, in a section next to the cabin’s dividing wall.

4..2. During the boarding of disabled persons assisted by a guide dog or seeing-eye dog, the flight attendants should lead the passenger to the location of his/her seat, so that the passenger may give instructions to the animal.

4.3. Service animals and pets may be allowed in the passenger cabin in accordance with the licensee’s or authorized agent’s policies and procedures, which have been approved by the Aviation Authority, provided that the animals are not ones that pose a risk to the health and security of the passengers or crew, such as snakes and other reptiles, rodents, spiders, or ferrets, among others, or animals such as pigs or monkeys that may not be allowed in the passenger cabin due to their size, dimensions, or the health restrictions of the competent national authorities or the States in which the airline operates.

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