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We pick-up where others fall short

If you were hospitalized away from home with a serious injury or illness, travel insurance, health insurance and premium credit cards won’t bring you home. Being treated outside your healthcare network, away from your doctors, your family and friends will not only be a financial burden, but may compromise your health and well-being. The out-of-pocket costs of such a transport start at $20,000 for a domestic flight and can reach over $ 100,000 for an international flight. Travel with peace of mind and be prepared with Travel MedEvac, we offer lower rates and extensive services other worldwide evacuation providers are not able to deliver. If your travels or expatriate residence is within our territory, secure a Travel MedEvac Insurance policy now and enjoy enhanced benefits while saving money.

Your Travel MedEvac Insurance will also include many other services and benefits including:

  • Air Medical Transport to Your Home Hospital of Choice
  • Ground Ambulance Transport from Hospital-to- Hospital
  • Return of Dependents:
  • Visitor Transportation:
  • Return of Stranded Vehicle, RV and Watercraft
  • Disabled Driver Vehicle/RV/Watercraft Return
  • Transport and Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Transport of Traveling Companion or Family Members


Travel MedEvac Insurance guarantees acceptance for all applicants and there are no waiting periods for stable pre-existing conditons.

Any accidental Injury or sickness when traveling against the advice of a Physician is not covered.


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